Christ the Redemer. Rio de Janeiro

During my last trip to Rio I was extremely privileged to stay at my friends’ apartment in Botafogo bay. I had a room at the top with a terrace at my disposal. When I first saw the view, I could not believe my eyes. On the right was Christ the redeemer, on the left the…

Magical Realism III A

Tropical Colombia: the land of coffee, García Márquez and magical realism! By acquiring our limited edition prints you will be supporting important sustainability work happening in Oxford and all around the world. You can select a larger print on aluminium or a smaller more classic framed print via

Magical Realism II C

My new series, Magical Realism, made in the exotic coffee triangle of sunny Colombia is available both in gallery size and smaller prints: By acquiring my works you will be supporting, a sustainability think tank working in education, sustainability research and environmental art.  

Fauve Rio

My oil painting ‘Fauve Rio’ is no longer available, but you can order a limited edition print via

Poetics of Pulau Redang

My original oil painting is available at  

Magical Realism

The Magical Realism series presents the unique tropical coffee landscapes from Colombia. Gallery size and smaller prints are available via:

Exotic nut

This image has been created on an exotic island of Redang, off the coast of Malaysia, a conservation area, surrounded by coral reefs, where sea turtles reside and biodiversity is a clear priority. Visually stunning island surprised me and also shocked in an unpredictable way: RUBBISH. It is everywhere: on the beach – the residents just throw…

Magical Realism

My new ‘Magical Realism’ series created in the heart of Latin America, in sunny Colombia is available as a limited edition print or a gallery piece:

Afternoon in Rio

My oil painting ‘Afternoon in Rio’ (2012) is looking for a loving home at