A Global Image 1

Here I will share with you the three of my selected ‘global’ images and try to explain what makes them so. The images will be entirely unrelated but there will be something that would allow them to be placed in the ‘global’ category.

1) The first one will be my image made in 2008 entitled ‘Complex Systems. Dorset’. It depicts an interesting physical phenomenon of interference between the waves and the edges of a cove in Dorset, which is in itself a perfect example of the art and science interface. It has truly become global after being seen by over 30.000 visitors on Flickr, over 160.000 readers of the Guardian, where it was published, plus the audience of National Geographic, which selected it for a book ‘Stunning Photographs’, edited by Annie Griffiths. It has been exhibited in numerous shows in Oxford, Bath, London, St Ives and other cities.

Complex Systems Dorset

(c) Stanislav Shmelev, 2008


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