The Daybooks of Edward Weston

Rarely a photography book could be more exciting and captivating than ‘The Daybooks of Edward Weston“. A good copy is hard to find and they can be expensive, but all suffering is justified when you could connect and explore the world of one of the most renowned fine art photographers this world has seen. The new Aperture  edition combines the Mexico and California diaries in one volume, so that the reader could have a seamless experience following Weston on his journeys, reflecting on his experiences, recording the photographic projects, the financial struggles, the important persons in his life. Finally when you come across a passage like this:

“She leaned against a whitewashed wall. I drew close… and kissed her. A tear rolled down her cheek – and then I captured forever the moment… Let me see, f.8 – 1/10 sec. KI filter, panchromatic film – how mechanical and calculated it sounds, yet really how spontaneous and genuine, for I have to overcome the mechanics of my camera that it functions responsive to my desires. My shutter coordinating with my brain is released in a way as natural as I might move my arm. I am beginning to approach an actual attainment in photography that in my ego of two or three years ago I had thought to have already reached.”

you understand that you have become a photographer too.


Weston E. (2004) The Daybooks of Edward Weston, Aperture


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