Environmental Art at COP23

It is my great pleasure to announce that my environmental art from the “Magical Realism” series will be exhibited at the forthcoming United Nations UNFCCC COP23 meeting in Bonn. Environmental art can be a powerful language to attract attention to the world’s most important problems: climate change, biodiversity loss, plastics pollution in our oceans, the impact our production activities have on this planet. Following in the footsteps of great environmental artists: Sebastiao Salgado, Edward Burtynsky, James Balog, David Maisel, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, I am trying to address the issues the world is facing not just through the language of science but the language of art. Engaging the audience’s emotional intelligence and the art historical connotations, my works are aiming to make people pause and think. The most interested viewer could of course read the volumes of theory that I have edited and written. One of them is called ‘Ecological Economics: Sustainability in Practice’ (2012) and has become a bestseller with over 26000 downloads. The executive education Summer and Winter Schools in Ecological Economics which I initiated and run are focusing on inspiring change for sustainability and have already been attended by participants from 52 countries.


Shmelev S.E. (2012) Ecological Economics: Sustainability in Practice, Springer


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