Flânerie @rencontresarles

This year the world famous Rencontres d’Arles photo festival is full of surprises. First of all, the Magnum photograher, Raymond Depardon presented his exhibition ‘Depardon USA, 1968–1999’ at the iconic Espace Van Gogh, where the famous painter spent some time in Arles. Secondly, Todd Hido is showing his new series ‘La Lumière sombre’at Palais de Luppé. Prix Pictet is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary with an exhibition at Parc des Ateliers. As if that wasn’t enough, you have a vibrant unofficial programme and a parallel programme carried out by Voies Off festival, that features portfolio reviews, various shows and workshops. It seems that the whole world of photography is coming to Arles for a few weeks in the Summer to reconnect, see the latest works, discuss the future exhibitions. Oh, yes, I nearly forgot, the Librarie Actes Sud is holding a really interesting exhibition devoted to the most prolific book editor Robert Delpire, the pioneer of the most popular form of a photo book – the small format pocket photo book. Did I mention the Manuel Rivera Ortiz Foundation show, ‘Hope. A Collaborative Perspective’, devoted to the current migration crisis and featuring most amazing documentary interviews made in a small village in France? In other words, book your tickets to Arles now, the exhibitions are on until the end of the Summer.

You will find the official website of the festival here: Rencontres d’Arles 2018



(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev



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