Exhibiting @TheOtherArtFair

It is very nice when somebody comes to your exhibition. It is particularly nice when the interest is shown by the younger generation of viewers. They are not corrupted by the conventions of ‘good taste’ or art history and spontaneously express their excitement or curiosity when seeing a work of art. At the Other Art Fair, a recent show I have done in Bristol my most faithful viewers explained to each other which works they like most and why. I am curious as to which arguments were given, but it is very clear in this image what the preferences were. The series of three 60×60 prints you can see here is called ‘Magical Realism’ and was shown in the UK in its physical form for the first time after being projected at the UNFCCC COP23 conference on climate change in Bonn last year and a show in Dubai. It was extremely pleasant to see people walking past and suddenly they have smiles on their faces just from seeing my colours. This is exactly the effect that was intended. Upon closer inspection  they discover deforestation and biodiversity issues of course but the colour creates a very good start. The Art Fair was also a very good opportunity to present our new book, ‘Ecosystems’, which will be published on the September 1st, 2018: Shmelev (2018) Ecosystems The interactive element is what I enjoy most at the exhibitions: the opportunity to talk with your audience, explain the rationale behind certain works, discuss the processes, present the story behind a series. Thank you @TheOtherArtFair for this wonderful opportunity!



(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev

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