Surfaces and Strategies

This new video describes the most recent photographic work that has just been done in Italy, presents the ‘Ecosystems’ book and announces the ‘Ecosystems’ exhibition to take place at the Oxford University Mathematical Institute in November 2018.

. The following images give the first impressions of the new ‘Ecosystems’ book, its design and quality of printing. The album presents the story of ecosystems and the way humanity benefits from a whole spectrum of what ecosystems do from water provision and food to pollination, carbon sequestration and spiritual and educational values. It combines images and text in creative ways and illustrates a systemic idea that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. The book will be available to order on Amazon from 01 September 2018:

IMG_5805(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev

IMG_5799(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev

IMG_5803(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev

IMG_5804(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev

IMG_5796(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev


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