Ship tracking @MarineTraffic

It has been absolutely nerve-wracking to watch the tsunamis unfolding in South-East Asia recently for a very simple reason that 500 first limited edition copies of our “ECOSYSTEMS” album are currently aboard a ship travelling to the UK.

Today, Monday 8 October 2018, the ship has reached Colombo in Sri Lanka and is carrying on steadily on its course to reach our shores. This will hopefully mean that the books arrives on time for the ‘ECOSYSTEMS’ exhibition to take place between 12 and 30 November at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University in Woodstock Road, Oxford.

We have created a special event page where you could register for the official opening happening 13:00-17:00 on 12 November 2018. Here is the link to the Facebook event page: ECOSYSTEMS Exhibition at Oxford University

You can pre-order your copies via the crowdfunding link below: while the books are still at sea.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 11.54.31

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