I have been particularly delighted to be able to present ‘ECOSYSTEMS’ at the most elite gathering of the leading environmentalists and sustainability thinkers in the world, ‘The Club of Rome’. Taking place within a stone’s throw from the Vatican, this year’s meeting is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Club and is revisiting the historic ‘Limits to Growth’ report published in 1972.

In the original report, three factors have been shown to be of critical importance to avoid the planetary collapse: resource availability, pollution and population. Prof. Jorgen Randers, the co-author of the original report presented the comparison between the scenarios of 1972 and current trends. It is important to understand that humanity is on the wrong trajectory with climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution hinting towards a very urgent need to rethink our lifestyles, radically reform our energy and transport systems and fundamentally reorganize production so that it becomes more circular and stops being so destructive to the ecosystems and ourselves.

In the image above the leading environmentalists, Prof. Robert Costanza, the first President of the International Society for Ecologicial Economics and Dr Ida Kubiszewski, both members of the Club of Rome are exploring my book. Hopefully this and further presentations will allow the book to go to more university libraries and contemporary art institutions willing to host the ECOSYSTEMS exhibition.


Meadows D.H., Meadows D.L. Randers J., Behrens III, W.W. (1972) Limits to Growth, Potomac Associates


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