Our beautiful exhibition at the Oxford’s University Mathematical Institute has just been launched! Set in a beautiful contemporary space of the Mathematical Institute, the exhibition features 32 works from the ECOSYSTEMS album in stunning 81x53cm format. Creating a certain presence effect, these works project their pure colours onto the viewer communicating the simple thoughts that urgent action is required to protect and restore the ecosystems. At the time of the great biodiversity crisis: the exhibition has been referred to as ‘Too high brow’ by the Oxford Mail and ‘Niche’ and ‘Not for the Masses’ by BBC Oxford. We are shocked and dismayed by the fact that the media is actively trying not to inform the public about the seriousness of the situation. Concerted actions will required not just by governments introducing new policies, businesses pioneering new business models but also consumers making more informed choices and adopting more responsible consumption patterns.


The artist, Dr Stanislav Shmelev

Ecosystems are in danger: the world has lost around 50% of the world’s biodiversity in the last 40 years according to WWF. Many scientists believe that ecosystems are playing a crucial role in stabilizing our climatic conditions. Ecosystems provide us with water we drink, the food we eat, fibers we use in clothing and furniture, biochemicals that are used in medicine. At the same time ecosystems generate oxygen and absorb carbon emissions. Recent research shows that additional 6C of warming in our oceans will lead to the inability of plankton to process emissions of CO2. Ecosystems are also able to pollinate the plants on which our livelihood entirely depends, they provide inspiration for artists and are held sacred by communities in many countries.

DSC_9790_01(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev

Shot in Colombia, Brazil, USA, Dubai, France, Spain, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Albania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Malaysia and Singapore, it speaks about the complexity, diversity and the true value of ecosystems. Professionally designed, this book will be published to the highest standard by the leading printers that are the main partners of Thames and Hudson and Phaidon, National Geographic and Aperture.

The introductory chapters have been contributed by Dr Joachim Spangenberg. The book is accompanied by a a series of museum quality prints.

We are grateful to the International Society for Ecological Economics for publishing information about the book on their website:

The images completely transformed the Mathematical Institute bringing bright primary colours to the walls and stimulating the creativity of future geniuses.

DSC_9787_01(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev

The exhibition would not have been possible without the help of the University of Reading student Stephanie Boateng (above) who was responsible for designing the posters, press-releases, list of works and the exhibition labels. Well done Stephanie.

We are inviting the independent bloggers to share the news about the exhibition and the ECOSYSTEMS album on social media. We urgently need an economic transformation and a new vision for a sustainable society. Failure to do this will lead to consequences that are difficult to imagine.






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