We have just returned from UNFCCC COP24 International Conference on Climate Change where we were presenting all our work, including sustainability research and consultancy, executive education and environmental art and photography at the British Pavilion. It has been a fantastic experience being surrounded by over 15.000 practitioners in the field of climate change and policy. There has been a lot of interest in our Ecosystems album and many people bought it. Canadian Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Hon. Catherine McKenna liked the book cover a lot. There has been lots of interest from representatives of the UK, Colombia, Ecuador, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Nepal, Chile, USA, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Turkey and many other countries.


(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev

Lots of interest also has been attracted by our executive education programme with our next Oxford Spring School in Ecological Economics 2019 taking place in March 2019 at St Hilda’s College. The focus of the School on Ecosystems and the Economy could not be more timely since this very issue will be at the centre of the debate on climate change in the years to come. Please share the information about the School available on our website:

The conference, although left us a little bit skeptical about the humanity’s ability to translate the declarations in specific actions, clearly showed growing understanding of climate change and its fundamental significance for the future economic development in the banking sector, insurance sector, policy, research and international aid. We were able to give a talk at the British Pavilion, which is a rare honour. Our presentation was entitled ‘Cities, Ecosystems and Climate Change’ and was focused on presenting our most recent work on the successful green tax reform: Shmelev and Speck (2018) Green Fiscal Reform in Sweden and multidimensional sustainability benchmarking for global cities: Shmelev and Shmeleva (2018) Global Urban Sustainability Assessment.

Our presentation concluded with the launch of the ‘ECOSYSTEMS’ album for a broad international audience. The ECOSYSTEMS limited edition album is still available to order at Please bear in mind that there are only 500 copies of this album available.

COP24_Poland_3(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev


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