Constructed Photography @MuseumModernArt

The idea of a constructed photograph is not something that I explored so far because I have been largely focusing on landscape and natural elements.  However, I have practiced the transformed and transposed photography and infrared photography. Thus the photograph presented here depicts the iconic landscape of Colombian highlands with the strong diagonals of the…

1M views on @Flickr

Exciting news today is that my new environmental and travel photography website has been launched: At the same time this week  my Flickr blog has reached a psychological threshold of 1.000.000 views: Thank you all! As a special treat the 10 most thoughtful and engaging comments on Flickr between 12 September and 01 October…

Magical Realism III A

Tropical Colombia: the land of coffee, García Márquez and magical realism! By acquiring our limited edition prints you will be supporting important sustainability work happening in Oxford and all around the world. You can select a larger print on aluminium or a smaller more classic framed print via

Magical Realism

The Magical Realism series presents the unique tropical coffee landscapes from Colombia. Gallery size and smaller prints are available via: