‘The Soul of the Camera’ @rocky_nook

‘The Soul of the Camera’ by David duChemin published by Rocky Nook is rare. Not because it is immaculately designed or because it features atmospheric black and white photographs from far away lands. It is all true. I find it unique because of the language duChemin uses to speak about the photographic journey. The author has a rare talent in encouraging creativity by exploring fundamental concepts that do not relate to f-stops and aperture values but approach the essence of a visual experience of photography or ‘the soul of the camera’ itself.

The book is structured in the form of several interrelated essays that focus on such aspects as the role of the craft and the development of vision, creative use of visual language, interpretation, patience and improvisation, courage, discipline, authenticity, curiosity and the importance of love in photography. The author draws on travel stories, examines the work of the masters of photography such as Vinogrand or Cartier-Bresson and provides inspiration for new photographic adventures. Reading the book page after page reassures, gives new energy and encourages to embrace the finer substances of creative experimentation. Aimed at the dedicated amateurs or professional photographers, this book can help to reassess your photographic practice, find new areas for application of your creativity, challenge your approaches and find a new interested, caring and confident photographic voice.

The book has been released on 18 Aug 2017. It can be found on Amazon.


David duChemin (2017) The Soul of the Camera, Rocky Nook

9781681982021_SoC_cover_PRINT_nowrap.inddImage (c) duChemin & @rocky_nook

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