Rephotography @TheOtherArtFair

Rephotography is an interesting concept. Images photographed, presented in physical form and then rephotographed take on a life of their own. Thus, my ‘Magical Realism’ piece that was recently shown at INDEX in Dubai will be presented at the Other Art Fair in Bristol, 26-29 July 2018: alongside many other works. Additional layers, including the reflections, the texture, the self portrait of the artist himself, and the true appearance of the actual work says so much more than just the original image. It gives a more accurate impression of the piece and would be appreciated by the interior designers and collectors as a taster of the experience a future owner of this artwork will have.

For me, the most exciting part of an exhibition is an opportunity to interact with the audience, explain the original intention behind the work, talk about a particular trip, the difficulties on the way, the cameras and lenses used, the different ways to read an image. For the audience it is also a rare treat because even in contemporary galleries and museums an opportunity to talk to an artist and ask any question one might have is becoming increasingly more difficult. Don’t miss your chance and visit the Other Art Fair in Bristol at Brunel’s Old Station, The Passenger Shed, Station Approach, Bristol, BS1 6QH between 26 and 29 July 2018 and take part in celebrating my birthday:

Spread a message by sharing this post on social media. We believe that environmental art can reach the hearts and minds of people and we could make our world a better place. Also, you might want to explore our executive Summer School in Ecological Economics to be held at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, 19-25 August 2018:




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